Arabica Coffee Gayo Sumatra Indonesia

Coffee Plantation from Gayo Central Aceh
State City Takengeun Gayo
Sumatra Indoneia
> 1600 Mdpl

Ready Sell Arabica Greenbean Rp95.500 = $7.00 / Kilogram
Ready Sell Arabica Roasted Bean Rp196.000 = $14.00 /Kilogram
Ready Sell Arabica Luwak/Civet Green Bean $40.00
Minimum Order 25 Kilogram
Shiping Expedisi = Pos Indonessia
Payment = Transfer Tunai Bank Rakyat Indonesia
Info Chat Whatsapp +6282280429763

Kami Adalah Penjual Coffee Arabica Gayo Terpercaya 
dan Kopi Kami Adalah Coffee Ternikmat di Indonesia 
Gayo coffee the Best Quality 


15181151_1540281085988033_7219018085618859477_n (1)

Order Now
Chat Whatsap +6282280429763


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